Camera Ready Corgis: How To Get The Best Picture Of Your Pet

Pet Jets best advertising content is our Pet Jet Travel Club Member’s adorable pet photos! If your pets are anything like mine they are constantly running wild and it can be hard to get a good picture of them. How do I manage to capture Gizmo and Stormy’s cuteness on camera? Here are some of my tips:

  1. I always bribe them with snacks and treats. Slices of cheese are Gizmo and Stormy’s favorite.
  2. Portrait mode is great at getting a clear image of your pet.
  3. Beautiful scenery + beautiful pets = perfection! Use backgrounds such as sunsets and the outdoors to make your photo even better.
  4. Live mode on your phone allows you to capture multiple photos with one click.
  5. Lower angles allow you to get a photo at your pets eye level which often makes it more visually appealing.
  6. A new toy, collar, or holiday themed items make a photo more fun.
  7. Action shots can be captured on a high quality camera, but it is hard to capture on phones.
  8. Vacation and adventure photos of pets are always some of the best. Capture beach days, hikes, walks, and mountain views with your pet.
  9. Don’t forget to video the cute/beautiful moments with your pet as well.
  10. Bonus: One of the coolest settings I took photos of my pups in was in the cabin of our Pet Jet!
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