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This is the Pet Jets Team - Honey and Megan! If you are curious or investigating how to move or travel with your pet - hand your project over to us by joining Pet Jets and retaining us for $399.00.

Joining Pet Jets also gives you access to our Pet Jets Travel Club. Pet Jets Travel Club was created to assist our members who might be interested in sharing an air charter flight. The benefit is for members to find one other party to share the flight and thus save approximately 50% on your charter allowing flights to be more affordable. Our business model is NOT a by-the-seat airline, or a ticketed airline - each flight we do is unique and custom tailored.

Pet Jets is a consultation based company that provides options to each member's needs. Pet Jets has been flying families & their pets since 2006. Check out more about Pet Jets here:

  • Get insight from those who have flown with Pet Jets in the past here: Reviews
  • Learn more about pricing, common routes, & more here: FAQ
  • JOIN Pet Jets: Membership 
  • Check out Gizmo & Stormy's Pet Jets experience on YouTube: Video
  • Our current shared flight opportunities: Flight List

Ready to sign-up and get your pets and route on our flight list? Joining Pet Jets/retaining us allows us to work on your flight from start to finish - we market flights for share, book private jet charter flights, and provide additional personalized services to members.

Please contact us directly to get started:

We look forward to helping your family & pets fly!

The Pet Jets Team
Honey Jimenez Schmidt - CEO - Pet Jets & Made To Jetset Inc.

Megan Newton - Special Projects Coordinator

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