Made To Jetset

If you are looking for private aviation consultation services without pets, we can help. In 2017, Honey started her own private aviation consultation company, Made To Jetset. If you are looking for ac hoc private jet brokering services then Made To Jetset can help you. Skip the hefty membership requirements of NetJets or Wheels Up, instead work with Made To Jetset/Pet Jets to experience bespoke private aviation services. Made To Jetset provides private jet services for the following:

  • Relocation/Moving - Are you looking to retire in Hawaii? Florida? The Caribbean? Or is your job taking you to Europe? Canada? Somewhere else? We can charter jets all over the world. Honey has set up private charters from coast to coast in the United States, to many Caribbean and Hawaiian islands, and to various European countries. We can provide consultation services for your family's move beyond just chartering a jet. We help with car shipments, paperwork, and other moving services by request.
  • Vacation - Are you wanting to fly from your home in Colorado down south to Florida to escape the winter weather? Or maybe you need to fly to a ski destination when the snowfall comes in? We can help arrange private jet charters for flying back and fourth between multiple homes, or to vacation destinations.
  • Special Events - We can provide consultation services for weddings and honeymoons, sporting events such as the Kentucky Derby, the Super Bowl, The Masters, and business trips.
  • Last Minute Trips - Unfortunately illness, the death of a loved one, or other unexpected life events can lead to needing to get somewhere ASAP. We can be contacted 24/7 to help our members with urgent requests.

Check out the Made To Jetset website here: Made To Jetset

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