"Honey & Megan were a pleasure to work with. I had so much anxiety traveling alone to Hawaii with my large dog. (Bear) Not only did they coordinate the trip, they talked me through the entire process at length . True concierge service! Flight and crew were fantastic . I was desperate to find alternative pet travel to Kona . Pet Jet is the gold at the end of the Hawaiian rainbow. - Alicia Armbruster"

"Pet Jets does it right! We were really in a pickle as to how to fly with our pup, without her being in cargo. Trying to figure out private/shared flights & coordinating open end flights can be frustrating, confusing & even intimidating… but Honey & Megan were both super helpful, responsive & researched options for us despite our time crunch. We were really nervous we wouldn’t find a flight “solution”, but low & behold, they came up with more than one!! Thank you Pet Jets for a truly great experience. Everything went smoothly, the crew was great & made us all feel comfortable. We are thrilled to have found Pet Jets & we are blessed to have had this opportunity. We look forward to future flights. - Roxanne P."

"We are repeat flyers with Pet Jets & wouldn’t have it any other way. My husband & I flew our 2 dogs on a private jet from the Mainland to Hawaii & then back several years later. Moving to and from Hawaii with pups can be complicated. There is a lot of paperwork and steps that need to align to make things work seamlessly. Honey & Megan were graciously attentive in assisting us with every detail involved with our trip. They were supportive, kind & patient, despite our timeline changing several times. Our relationship felt like a friendship, which contributed to knowing their advocacy of our needs was in good hands. Our flight experience was wonderful. The jet was clean & comfortable. The pilot and flight crew were attentive and so kind to us and our dogs. We will always be supporters of Megan, Honey & Pet Jets. ❤️" - Sue West

"We can’t thank Honey & Megan enough for the planning to get us and our chocolate lab Larry safely from California to our new home on Oahu. They were very informative, helping us with recommendations beyond just the flight, flexible when our timeline changed many times. Our shared flight with two other groups was an absolute dream, with an amazing flight crew as well. I highly recommend Pet Jets for anyone looking to fly safely and comfortably with their pets!" - Dane

"You made our trip out with our beloved lab family member a breeze.  You both were very helpful and no question was too dumb.  Flight was smooth, pilots and attendant were charming and professional, and the other fliers and their pets were very nice.  Please know you do a wonderful service and we will try to fly with you again!" - Susie

"I cannot say enough great things about Pet Jets! Like many others, I started researching how to fly my dogs from the mainland to Hawaii without putting them under the plane, and was overwhelmed by what seemed to be the amount of work that lay ahead. I thought my only option was to gather people in a Facebook group, hire lawyers to build a contract, book a jet, and hope everything went well. Pet Jets took all that daunting stress away; all I had to do was become a member. It seemed too good to be true, but Honey and Megan exceeded expectations. They honored our budget and got us on an incredible jet with our dogs. They even ensured we had all the proper paperwork and helped with hotels and car services near the airport. I would recommend Pet Jets to anyone!" - Brigid

"Both the humans and pups were delightful company and the flight went off without a hitch. Our CA Tammy was outstanding, as were the very dog-friendly pilots. I can’t thank you enough for the excellent, professional service. You took a lot of stress out of our move to Oahu with the pups." - Lisa

"We can’t recommend Pet Jets enough. When we moved from Denver to Maui, moving our two dogs and our older cat safely were a top priority. Pet Jets allowed us to make the move confidently, keeping our girls at our side the entire time. Megan and Honey were there with us every step of the way; as our timeline changed, they were able to adjust with us. When we had questions about the process itself (we had never flown privately before), they understood and were able to answer us every time. The flight itself was an easy and fun experience, and something we will probably always remember. The other families on the flight were lovely people and pets.
Whether you are making a big one-time move like us, or if you are looking to cost-share for regular trips, you should definitely consider Pet Jets. The peace of mind alone is worth the cost!" - Nicole & Josh

"We just wanted to sincerely thank you for our experience with Pet Jets. After the insane amount of hard work we did preparing for our move, the several days of uncomfortably "camping out" on the floors of an empty house, and literally rushing from one thing to another and taking care of all the last minute items on our to do list in the final days, it was truly a pleasure to be able to enter the little terminal waiting room and collapse onto the comfy couches with our pups and just relax. That was followed up by the easy-breezy boarding process and being able to relax even more in the comfy seats on our plane (which I and my bad back especially appreciated. Except for a bit of anxiety with takeoff and landing, the pups tolerated the flight very well and it was so nice to be able to sit with them in our laps or trade seats and move around however we needed to, rather than worry about how older and anxious dogs would be coping with riding in a cargo hold. The snacks and food were amazing and our flight attendant took great care of us. Perhaps best of all was the rental car waiting for us on the tarmac, so we could just load up and drive away on the final bit of the journey to our new home. We just want you to know how much we appreciated that and all the other little details (like the cute collar tags!) that went into making our journey such a positive experience. So thank you again very, very much for everything!" - Mark & Mary

"The private flight was perfect. We had zero issues and everyone involved in the entire process was perfect. I give the whole process 5 stars. If only we could afford to always go private we would fly back and forth all the time - it is going to be hard going back to commercial lol. Thanks again for everything." - Heath

"Moving from Kauai, Hawaii to the mainland USA is a stressful ordeal, especially with an 8 month old Golden Retriever puppy. We wanted to be in New Mexico before late Fall. The team at PetJets made our move so much easier than we could have imagined! They explained the process completely as well as making our trip possible by coordinating it with a family moving TO Hawaii in August! With hotel suggestions as well as having a rental car waiting for us upon arrival in Camarillo, CA, our trip could not have been more pleasant and nearly stress-free. The flight team was courteous and prompt - we arrived 30 minutes earlier in CA than a commercial flight would have taken. We highly recommend PetJets if you need to travel with or without a pet. It will be an experience never forgotten!" - Edward & Tracy Greenlee, Alto, New Mexico

"Working with Honey & Megan is a breeze! They both are personable, professional, excellent communicators, and genuinely super nice people. Moving a big doggy was stressful until we found Pet Jets! It's like a burden has been lifted." - Jade B.

"Honey was a joy to work with! She saved us a bunch of money and made our move so much less stressful! It was a true luxury and I’d recommend Pet Jets to anyone who is traveling with their animals." - Susie Henderson Donaldson

"We had the experience of a lifetime with Pet Jets! If you are looking to safely and comfortably move your pets then this is the way to do it. My husband received military orders for Hawaii and one of biggest concerns was safely getting the dogs to the island. We found Honey and we are so thankful we did! We flew from California to Hawaii with other families and their pets. Everyone had a great time with amazing service! I felt so good having my pets right by my side. If you are looking for someone who will answer all of your questions and give you a great experience then Honey is who you want helping you plan your flight! We plan to use their services again if/when we move off the island." - Megan Newton

"Honey with Pet Jets helped my wife and two Corgis safely move to island after I received military orders for the Oahu. I was already in Oahu and my wife came with our pups a few weeks later. Honey even helped my wife find a driver to help her and the dogs get the the airport for their flight. The service was 10/10. Honey helped us beyond what was even required." - Elliott Newton

"So worth the money to get from Savannah to Houston with my 3 dogs and cat! Thank goodness for Honey, she took care of everything so all we had to do was show up. Flight crew was awesome with my crazy bunch and all the airport personnel were super helpful too. I highly recommend Pet Jets for travel with you furkids!!" - Shannon Anderson Maloney

"We worked with Honey to try and get a rescue dog back to Puerto Rico from Florida. Honey was a joy to work with! She responded diligently to every phone call and email and gave us several different options for travel. Due to unforeseen circumstances we did not travel with Pet Jet, but they are the first on my call list next time we are travleling with our babies! I highly recommend Pet Jets, Inc." - Jannette Montenegro

"Not only did Honey get us the best rate for chartering a private flight for us and our 2 dogs, she also helped us coordinate hotel, car service, Covid test, and more! Pet Jets made our move to the Caribbean easy and allowed us to enjoy the journey." - Ginger Rummell

"My three boys and two 18-year old fish had to move from Los Angeles to Massachusetts back in January 2021. Pet Jets handled everything for me and the plane and crew were the most friendly and accommodating. The pricing was very reasonable and I cannot thank the staff enough for their handling of our travel needs. We all made it and are all doing well. Thank you Pet Jets!" - Ma P

"You won't find a better service anywhere. Honey and team go above and beyond (pun intended)." - S K

"When my husband and I were planning our move to Europe, we thought the only way to get our two dogs to Portugal without a flight in the cargo hold would be the Queen Mary 2. And then I heard about like-minded, pet-owning people sharing charter flights. That's where Honey comes in. From the first time I contacted her, she was incredibly responsive, getting back to me early, late, whenever I needed info. Her responsiveness is matched by her tenaciousness, and when we were faced with a cancellation, she found another operator and got us back on track in record time. Honey was an absolute pleasure to work with. We've kept in touch almost a year after my flight (my bad for not posting this review ages ago!) and I've recommended her to friends who wish to charter flights with their pets. Thanks so much, Honey!" - Britton Jackson

"We recently moved from Texas to Hawaii. My biggest concern relocating was getting my 14 yo Siberian husky to Hawaii safely. There was no way I was going to have her in a cargo hold or away from me. After research I found Honey at Pet Jets. Honey, immediately went to work finding others looking for similar travel needs. Pet Jets puts the right families together with pets/breeds/temperance considerations. Our flight included 2 other pet families, which are now friends we keep in touch with. Our pets were comfortable, right next to us and most importantly SAFE. The flight was very smooth and included beverages and meals. Pet jets exceeded my expectations in that we were treated like VIP upon both arrivals in Honolulu and Kahului. The team greeted us with lei’s, transported us to the pet check in area and waited during the process, then delivered us back to the jet for our final flight. Our family is so happy in our new home together. Thank you Pet Jets." - Kimberly Petras

"We recently flew with Pet Jets from Hawaii to California. It was a great experience! Of all of the components to moving, moving our pets was the least stressful. We have two older dogs, and the thought of cargo with a pet shipping company gave me great anxiety, given their age. This was the perfect option for all parties. Communication with Honey and Megan was easy and swift. We had frequent and frank conversations about upfront and throughout the process that enabled proper expectation management. We flew with one other family and their dog, which was just perfect, and not too over stimulating for the dogs (our two and their one). The arrival was easy and they took our luggage straight from the transport to the plane, and it was taken right off the plan to our waiting rental care (on the tarmac!). The flight was calm and relaxing. Our pets did great and just really laid at our feet on their blankets. I would not hesitate to use this service again and work with Honey and Megan. I would also be happy to answer specific questions to anyone who might be interested." - Lauren Vasta

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