About Pet Jets

Who We Are

Pet Jets was created over 17 years ago to assist with the growing problem of air transportation for pet owners who want to fly with their pets without the restrictions of many airlines with certain breeds or having one’s pet fly in the cargo hold of an aircraft. Pet Jets assists pet owners with finding pet-friendly private aircraft that are operated on approved air carrier certificates as an aviation consultant and works diligently to find discounted one-way or empty legs pricing when available. The benefit of flying privately allows many pet owners to access thousands of airports worldwide not serviced by the airlines while providing safety and security, but most importantly the opportunity for your pet to fly in the cabin and not in cargo!

While flying private can certainly be more expensive than the airlines, Pet Jets members often find that the time savings and convenience are worth the expense when flying with family or friends, for business, or for leisure. Many pet owners utilize our service for relocation worldwide as well as traveling for vacation or special events. While many of our pet passengers are dogs and cats, Pet Jets has arranged flights for pet owners of many types of pets including reptiles as well as exotic birds and fish!

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