Pet Jets: Answers To 10 FAQs

Happy Wednesday everyone! I’m here to answer some of Pet Jets potential members most frequently asked questions beyond what is on our FAQ sheet. Also, the adorable pups featured above are Honey’s fur babies, Pickles and Dotty! To see our FAQ sheet on our website click here:

  1. What is the cost of shared/private jet charters? Our FAQ sheet lists example pricing from certain routes, but we do not feel ballpark estimates give our members an accurate representation of real costs. Private jet charter pricing is ad hoc. I like to say pricing changes daily, but it can change even faster than that. It is all about where the aircraft is positioned, fuel costs, demand, etc. Timing is a huge factor in private aviation. That is why the best priced deals are often last minute bookings of empty legs and one-ways. Last minute bookings can be a challenge for pet owners trying to move somewhere like London, or Hawaii that requires time sensitive paperwork for pet entry. This is why we focus on asking our potential members what they budgetary goal is for a trip.
  2. What does the membership fee cover? Pet Jets Travel Club requires a membership fee, which retains us to work on your project. Pet Jets markets members trips across various platforms to build shared flights. Our members have 24/7 direct communication to Honey and I through phone calls, email, and text. We provide consultation beyond just chartering a private jet from helping with hotels, rental cars, shipping items, etc. The membership fee is similar to any professional requiring initial payment to work on a project, such as a lawyer charging for consultation.
  3. What locations does Pet Jets fly to? Pet Jets has been doing private and shared charters since 2008 and has flown all over the world. Honey has organized flights within the continental United States from coast to coast and beyond. She has also done several flights to and from Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Beyond the United States, she has done flights to and from Europe, the Caribbean, and even the South Pacific. Pet Jets can arrange charters from essentially anywhere, but share opportunities are often only available on popular routes.
  4. Do you only charter flights with pets? No, we also work on private and shared charters without pets. Honey’s other company, Made To Jetset is focused on private aviation without pets. Many people choose to fly private for big life events to keep the travel more convenient. Relocation is one of the most popular reasons people come to us wanting to charter a plane, but we also have done flights for special events like luxury vacations, business trips, weddings and honeymoons, sporting events, etc.
  5. I’ve never flown private before. What can I expect from the experience? Private jet flights are much different than commercial flights. First off, you only need to be at the FBO (the private jet lounge) about 30 minutes before your flight. There are no lines, no TSA, and no crowded terminals. You will get to walk right up to the plane with your dog by your side the entire time. Your dog will then sit right next to you on the plane. Many flights have catering that often includes snacks and drinks like champagne! You can also request specific catering that can be arranged for your flight. When you land, you simply exit the plane with your dog just like you came on. Many of our members like to have car service waiting for them right outside of the plane, which we arrange. Private flights are tailored to flyers individual needs well beyond what any commercial flights can offer.
  6. How much luggage can I bring on a flight? This varies from flight to flight. Light jets for example have stricter weight requirements than a heavy jet. If you are chartering an entire heavy jet for your family then you will have more space to bring additional luggage, but if you are sharing with multiple parties then allowed luggage will be discussed depending on the weight allowed and the space available.
  7. Why should I choose Pet Jets over other brokers or companies? If you are looking for someone to broker a plane for you then there are countless companies you can work with. We like to think of ourselves as much more than just a private jet broker. We provide services and personal touch beyond what many large companies offer to their flyers. We pride ourselves in providing excellent service and giving our all to each member. We are not into pressure, we are into building relationships and connections. We want to get to know our members, their pets, and their travel needs. We stand out by offering more than just a plane booking service.
  8. How many people/pets can Pet Jets put on a plane? This questions also varies from trip to trip, but we like to work within 2, 3, and at most 4 party shares for our trips. The original business model Pet Jets started with was focusing on two party shares that provided members with up to 50% in savings on a private jet. The business model of maximizing the amount of people and pets on private charters to save money is out there, but we find that this approach comes with difficulties. Putting 8, 9, or 10+ families on a private jet charter plus their pets can be difficult when trying to coordinate time sensative paperwork plus hoping all the pets get along well. After many years of experience, Pet Jets has found the original model of matching a few (2-4) parties for a private jet charter is the best option for our flights.
  9. Why does Pet Jets like to talk with potential members on the phone? Our world has become very digital. We order groceries online, we discuss car insurance with an automated voice over the phone, and we even have options for take-out where we never see the delivery person face to face. These options we have are convenient, but they often lack the human connection we all get by talking with one another. Our members live all over the world so meeting people in person is not realistic, but talking on the phone is the next best option we have. A phone call allows us to get to know our potential members and for them to get to know us. An email can often seem impersonal, but a phone call allows us to really understand our members and what services they need.
  10. How do I join and get started with Pet Jets? The first step to fill out our contact form so we can send you an email with more information about Pet Jets and set up a personal phone call with you. Here is our contact form:
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