Pet Jets: We Are Searching For Pet-Friendly Brands To Collaborate With For Marketing

Are you a pet-friendly or luxury travel brand that wants to market your product/service on a private, pet-friendly jet? We can make that happen for you!

Pet Jets is searching for…

  • Hotels – pet-friendly and/or luxury
  • Pet supply brands – treats, toys, food, services, ect.
  • Beauty products – cruelty free
  • Food/drinks – products that can be advertised on a private jet
  • Pet-friendly Airbnbs/VRBOs/vacation rentals
  • Pet-friendly restaurants/bakeries/coffee shops
  • Pet-friendly stores
  • Veterinarians/pet medicine brands
  • Pet-friendly/travel magazines
  • Influencers/their cute pets
  • Anyone that wants to utilize cute Corgis + a private jet for marketing!

The Pet Jets brand is centered around pet safety, luxury travel, and customized services for our travel club members. We value giving our members a memorable and personalized experience during their flights. Pet Jets is often a part of people’s big life moments from moving to a new home to taking a once-in-a-lifetime vacation. We also have clients who have been with us for years who we love to show our gratitude for choosing Pet Jets time after time. As a small, women owned business we would love to partner with other companies like us. The marketing world today is focused on the digital world, but we love focusing on building relationships with both clients and other businesses we work with.

Why are we doing this? Collaborating with other pet-friendly, luxury travel focused brands will help promote our brand and services. We are also here to promote other high quality, pet-friendly services/products to our Pet Jets Travel Club Members. For example, when I road-tripped across the country I stayed in pet-friendly hotels with Gizmo and Stormy that I will book again for our travel club members. Pet Jets promotes the hotel and I am looking for the hotel to promote us in return. Helping each other’s business grow is the goal.

Partnering with more brands means more people advocating for safe pet travel. Pet Jets believes pets belong next to their owners while traveling even while on a plane. To bring changes to the aviation industry we need more voices to advocate for families and their beloved pets. We need more pet lovers to come together with us to bring changes to pet travel. We believe pets are more than just companions, but they are family!

Email me at: to discuss this marketing opportunity! Or give me a call/text at 740-358-1820.

Let’s connect and support each other’s growth!

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