Moving To Hawaii: Spring/Summer 2023

The holidays are only a few weeks away which means 2023 is right around the corner. If you have plans to move to any of the Hawaiian islands in 2023 then now is the time to start preparing to move to your new home. The earlier you join the Pet Jets Travel Club, the sooner we can help guide you in completing your paperwork and plan your flight.

Planning to move with pets to Hawaii takes time because Hawaii has laws in place that require animals to have specific paperwork, blood tests, and vaccines before entering the islands. The process often takes months to complete due to Hawaii’s specific requirements for entry. Pet Jets Travel Club offers step-by-step guidance in completing the paperwork to enter any of the Hawaiian Islands with pets. I recently brought my own pets into Hawaii and learned how to complete the proper steps so that pets can be released directly from the airport.

Moving somewhere other than Hawaii? We still advise joining the club as early as possible so we can start planning your flight to your new home. Moving is meant to be an exciting time for families and we like to take the stress of our your shoulders so you can enjoy your travel experience. Send us an email or give us a call to start planning your trip!

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