Road-Trip From Ohio To California

Are you looking to road-trip across the country with your pets? Pet Jets not only books pet-friendly charter jets for travel club members, but we also provide services for those looking to drive across the United States. Our Fetch Services includes customized trip planning from paperwork assistance to luxury hotel or VIP transportation bookings.

In July of 2022, I traveled across the country with my two Corgis, Gizmo and Stormy so we could get to our flight departure in San Diego, California. Along the way we stayed in luxurious, pet-friendly hotels that included mountain, desert, and ocean views. We also stopped at dog-friendly bakeries, coffee shops, and parks. We explored hiking trails and scenic views in some of the United States most beautiful national parks. Check out our travel itinerary from our road-trip from Ohio to California below.

Day 1 – We started our journey in Ohio and drove until we made it to St. Louis, Missouri.

Day 2 – We explored The Gateway Arch National Park before a long day of driving across Missouri and Kansas. We stopped and stayed when we crossed the boarder into Colorado.

Day 3 – We drove to Denver and then went to Vail to check out the Rocky Mountains.

Day 4 – We explored Moab and Arches National Park before heading to southern Utah.

Day 5 – We stayed in Zion National Park before making our way to the west coast.

Day 6 – We arrived in San Diego, California.

Day 7: We flew on our Pet Jet to our new home on Oahu!

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