Pay Less Upfront With A Pet Jets Membership: Ad Hoc Private Jet Bookings

It was announced earlier this month that Roam Maui cancelled all of their future flights. This is leaving many clients without flight options for taking their pets in cabin to and from Maui. Roam Maui was operating flights to and from Maui with departure locations at Seattle, San Jose, and Los Angeles. Not only are clients not able to fly, but they are out large amounts of money from paying into their club. Roam Maui states they are planning to restructure how they operate for the future, but how can people trust they will receive services they count on after this cancellation? Roam Maui is not the only company who requires large membership fees upfront, but many private jet clubs like Wheels Up or NetJets do this as well. Pet Jets/Made To Jetset provides an option focuses on ad hoc private jet bookings rather than requiring large sums of money to be paid up-front.

Pet Jets/Made To Jetset is not a money saver option compared to private jet broker/operator companies like NetJets, Wheels Up, Roam Maui, etc. Instead, our small company is an alternative option to large corporations in the private aviation industry. Isn’t using a professional private jet broker service incredibly expensive? It can be. A Google search for “private jet flights or “flying with pets in cabin” will lead you to websites for NetJetsWheels Up, and other private jet broker and operator options. Becoming a member of NetJets or Wheels Up, is certainly not a cheap option though. NetJets cost more than $150,000+ depending on what type of jet card, or the number of hours a person is looking to buy. According to Elite Traveler MagazineNetJets pricing in 2023 for light jets start at around $6,500 per hour and heavy and long range jet options are into the $16,000 per hour range. Wheels Up offers various membership options ranging from $2,995 and $29,500 with other fees such as annual dues. You are paying for the name brand of these companies, not a better product or service. 

Made To Jetset, and Pet Jets require a $399.00 membership/retainer fee that is good for a year. This initial payment is to cover our time spent planning out our member’s trips through marketing, gathering quotes, and putting together share options for our members. I like to compare our small consultation business to a boutique clothing store that offers handmade and exclusive items to shoppers. Much like a boutique store, we focus on providing exceptional quality to our members. Other larger corporate options are available to our clients, but choosing a small business means you will get more personalized service and contact than you would with a large company. You also have to ask yourself when you are deciding who to work with in the private aviation industry, “what is the best option for me to receive the product and service I am looking for?” We do not offer ticketed pricing, scheduled routes, or require large membership fees. Instead, each trip we put together is unique to our member’s needs.

Paying a membership for Pet Jets/Made To Jetset is about mutual commitment. We are dedicated to providing private jet consultation/additional services to our members and we expect members to be committed to executing the trip through us without shopping around with other brokers. How does Pet Jets and Made To Jetset membership compare to these large corporations? A membership with Pet Jets or Made To Jetset cost $399.00 annually. This is a small fraction of the cost of most private jet membership options. We are able to keep our membership costs much lower than large corporations because we choose to operate with low overhead. We work ac hoc, meaning each flight or project is different. Private jet charter pricing varies depending on air carrier availability, fuel costs, time of year, etc. We are not asking members for large sums of money upfront before securing flight options, but instead we ask for a small membership fee as a commitment to work together on a project(s). We rely on flights to create revenue for the company. If you are working with Made To Jetset/Pet Jets then we expect to be the representative for your trip when searching for private jet options. Compare it to buying a home through a realtor. It would be unfair to have a realtor show you several homes, negotiate for you, and communicate with you, but then you decide to purchase a home on your own or through someone else. This would result in a loss of commission for the realtor even after they put in hours of work for your home purchase. We are here to find options for your flight and other trip needs at your request. 

Private jet travel is a luxury and it will continue to be an expensive endeavor for the unforeseeable future. Even with private jet sharing being an option, or empty leg flights providing discounted prices on flights, private jet travel is expensive. Comparing private jet travel to first class plane tickets is unrealistic because private jet charter is a completely separate option that has much higher costs. Keeping in perspective that access to chartering private jets is a luxury service that still requires large amounts of money helps keep the cost expectations realistic. The question we most often get is about the pricing of private jet travel. I always refer people to our FAQ for insight into ballpark ranges for some routes we often work on. Estimated and ballpark ranges should still be taken with a grain of salt, because like I have wrote about in previous blogs, private jet charter is all ad hoc and changes frequently. Being flexible on departure/arrival dates and locations certainly helps people find options within their budget, especially if they are flexible enough to make a share option work. 

Overall, the private jet industry is one that is constantly evolving. What use to be something only the very rich and famous had access to has now become more accessible to pet loving families relocating, or to those looking to fly in a more stress-free and convenient way. Just like when you are shopping for clothing, a car, a house, or any other product/service in life – you must consider your budget, the quality, and what kind of service/product are you looking for. If you are looking for ad hoc private jet booking services as opposed to the option of paying into a large company’s club – we can help. If you want custom tailored private aviation services, Pet Jets/Made To Jetset is here to help you. Contact us today to get started: Book Now!

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