Pet Jets has exciting news! After talking to hundreds of potential clients over the past several years and months, we identified a need for more affordable options for pet owners to move their dogs to Hawaii. Pet Jets will now be offering PET ONLY flight options where a pet nanny is on board the private jet to look after all the pets. This option will allow us to focus on flying pets in the cabin rather than entire families which will dramatically cut the costs for individual pet owners.

Your dogs and/or cats will be in the cabin of a private jet rather than underneath a plane. All pets will be cared for by a flight nanny. All flight manifests will be created to match up the best personalities and pets together. We will of course continue our original option of families flying all together on private jets, but now we are going to have an option for those just wanting to focus on flying their pet in cabin. We will announce more information about pricing, dates, and departure locations as we move forward with our new plan.

If you are interested in this flight option please fill out our inquiry form so we can connect with you about joining the Pet Jets Travel Club Membership and getting your pet on a VIP flight to Hawaii!

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