Pet Jets Routes: Where We Fly And Why

Two questions we often get asked is, “where all does Pet Jets fly to?” and “why do people often choose to fly private?” The great thing about private jet charter is that you can really fly from anywhere at anytime. Private jet flight routes are tailored to fit the needs of the travelers. Some of our most popular routes are from the west coast to Hawaii, from coast to coast in the United States, and from Florida to the Caribbean islands. We are not limited to these areas though and have done flights all over the United States and beyond. Private jet charter allows for flexibility on flight dates, times, and locations.

Why do people often choose to fly private? The number one reason people fly with us is to move their pets for relocation, or to fly between two homes. For example, when I flew with Pet Jets I needed to move from Ohio to Oahu so we needed to get over dogs across the Pacific Ocean. Our options were to put them under a commercial plane in cargo, or to fly them by my side in a shared private jet. For us, the safe and stress-free process of flying private during our big move was our reason for choosing to fly private over a commercial airline.

Many people choose to fly private for big moves even without dogs because it makes transporting luggage less stressful. If you have high value items like jewelry, artwork, or antiques then the cabin of a private jet will provide a safer spot for transporting those goods than cargo will. Flying private in general is more convenient for people who already have many stresses to deal with when moving long distances. You can avoid the busy airports and instead hangout in the private jet lounges which are much less crowded.

Moving and relocation are not the only reasons people reach out to Pet Jets for services. People also use private jet charters for major life events and experiences such as weddings, sporting events, concerts, and business events. Wedding events including destination weddings, bachelor and bachelorette trips, and honeymoons can all become more luxurious with a private jet flight filled with umlauted champagne. Often families or corporate groups take private jets to high class sporting events such as The Kentucky Derby, The Super Bowl, the US Open, and the Masters. Musicians and speakers often fly private between different concerts and events during a tour. Corporations often use private jets for the flexibility they offer so no one is held up by the uncertainty of commercial airlines. The sky really is the limit with private jet travel!

Comparing private and commercial flight travel is really like comparing apples and oranges. The entire process and experience are vastly different. Private or shared jet travel is often reserved for special events from moving to your dream home, or for celebrating milestone events in your career or life. Pet Jets loves to help travel club members have a personalized experience not just during the flight, but throughout the planning stages of the process as well.

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