Why Dog-Proofing is Essential for Any
New Owner

Dogs are naturally inquisitive. They love to explore new environments – mainly by chewing, licking and sniffing.

Unfortunately, the average home is filled with potential dangers. Some are obvious, such as toxic cleaning chemicals or gaps in a fence, but others are easy to overlook.

It’s important to thoroughly check your house for dangers before you bring a new dog home. Here are a few examples of dangers that are often missed:

  • Toilet Bowls. You should always keep the toilet lid down, as cleaning chemicals are toxic if your dog drinks from the bowl. Small puppies are also at risk of getting trapped in the water.
  • Food Waste. Dogs love the smell of food waste – but it often contains poisonous foods or dangerous mold. Keep food decomposition bins in a locked cupboard.
  • Power Cables. Soft cables can be an attractive chewing target for a puppy in the teething stage. All cables should either by hidden or protected.
  • Toxic Houseplants. Many common plants are toxic to dogs. These include sago palm, azaleas, and jade. Check all plants before bringing your dog home.

If you want to learn more about this topic, The Dog Clinic has put together a complete guide to dog-proofing a house. It includes tips for kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, gardens, garages and more. To learn more about dog tips and air charter for your pets, visit PetJets.com.

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