5 FAQs: Answered By Pet Jets

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get here at Pet Jets!

  1. “Does Pet Jets fly from point A to point B location?” Pet Jets can fly from essentially any destination to another, but the question of if a shared route can be created or what the cost of the route will be is another factor. If you have a unique route then it can be a little more challenging to find others to share a flight with, BUT marketing the trip well in advance can help with this. Flights shares are not guaranteed, but having flexible timeframes and locations makes a share option much more realistic. I do update our list of shared flight opportunities within our membership. Check out our most recently updated list here: Flight List: 7/26/23
  2. “Does Pet Jets only organize flights for people with pets?” Pet Jets is a branch of the company, Made To Jetset which does private jet charter for anyone, including those without pets. We can organize private or shared charters for any event or reason – business trips, overseas or across the country relocation, weddings and honeymoons, flying between multiple homes, or for vacations. We can also book last minute flights for our members if emergencies arise. You can learn more about Made To Jetset here: Made To Jetset
  3. “Why does Pet Jets ask for a retainer/membership fee?” Honey and I run Pet Jets on our own. Our focus is on providing our members with exceptional service with their trips needs. We organize flights, rental cars, catering, and so much more for each of our member’s trip. We also answer new inquiries from all platforms, create content for our website and social. media, and network within the private jet industry to better serve our members. The retainer/membership fee is a commitment for us to work with you and for you to work with us – it’s an initial fee for us to begin marketing and working on your project. Our membership also gives you access to our Pet Jets Travel Club, which is how we create shared flight options. If you plan to fly more than once, we can market multiple flights for you. You can learn more about our membership here: Membership
  4. “Is Pet Jets a private jet broker?” We are not just a broker, but instead we are a consultant based company that provides personalized service to each member based off of their needs. We have organized both private and shared charter flights with and without pets. We also have options beyond just private jet charter for our members. Hear direct feedback from our members about our services on our review page: Reviews
  5. “How much do flights cost?” Out of any question we get asked, this is the most common. There is no set pricing in private jet charter – it changes frequently. Our best advice to potential clients it to decide on a. budget goal you would like to stay within for a shared or private charter. Private jet pricing is influenced by many factors including aircraft type, fuel costs, the air carriers positioning, demand, how many parties can share a flight, etc. Many factors are hard to know in advance so we ask all of our members to decide on a budget goal for their trip to work from. To learn more about pricing here is our full FAQ sheet: FAQ

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