Puerto Rico Flight: May/June 2023

Pet Jets has an exciting announcement! We have new flight availability from Puerto Rico to the mainland. Check out our adorable members below (Indie and Calypso) who will be flying from Puerto Rico to Boston sometime between May 27th and June 1st. Check out the many opportunities for this flight to become a share option. If you are interested in any of these flight options please contact Honey and Megan here: Contact Us

  • Puerto Rico > Boston
  • Puerto Rico > Miami (or anywhere else between PR and Boston)
  • Miami > Boston
  • Boston > Puerto Rico (the return flight)

If you are looking to leave Puerto Rico to get anywhere on the eastern part of the United States this flight option could work for you, or if you need to get to Puerto Rico it is also an option! Let us help you and your pets fly to island paradise!

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