PJTC: Flights Available

We have several available flights coming up throughout the next year. Some of these flights are booked, some are our members needing a share, and others are available one ways. If you see something that catches your eye then contact us here: https://petjets.co/#booknow

4/22 0r 4/23 – Palm Beach > Los Angeles on a GV – Available on either day this weekend!

6/2/23 – Kentucky > Hawaii – This flight can also stop anywhere between Kentucky and Hawaii. This flight could be available for many different route options.

6/19/23 – Oahu > Maui > Oakland – This is a booked flight that a current member is looking to find a share for.

6/30/23 – Oakland > Oahu – Available one-way.

6/30/23 – Orange County > Oahu – Available one-way.

To check out more of our share options check here: https://petjets.co/2023/04/22/share-opportunities-with-pet-jets-travel-club/

If you don’t see a route that fits your trip plans then feel free to fill our our contact form describing what you are looking for: https://petjets.co/#booknow

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