Successful Hawaii Flights! #AlohaFriday

Happy #AlohaFriday everyone! My blog has been a little quiet this week because I was spending much of my time at the airport to see our members off, and to greet members arriving on island. We had two successful flights this week – one from Hawaii and one to Hawaii! Ellie, Blue, and Hoolie all arrived in California, and Moku arrived back in Hawaii after living on the mainland for some time. Check out some of the photos from our recent flights below:

As you can see from the photos above, your pet travels right by your side in cabin when flying with Pet Jets. You also are by your pets side when entering and exiting the plane. There is no airport hassle, no TSA, and no dealing with crowds when flying private. You arrive to the FBO with your pets and walk right onto the plane with them.

Why do people choose to fly private when moving with pets to Hawaii? Flying private is of course more expensive than cargo options or commercial flying options, but it includes many advantages for pet owners. Safety is the #1 concern of our members and us as business owners. Pet Jets #1 goal since day one has been focused providing safe flights for families and their pets. Pets are calmer and less stressed when they get to stay by their family’s side throughout the flight. Because pets are in the cabin, they are unaffected by the heat that often stops commercial airlines from flying pets in cargo to Hawaii. Safety will always be the top priority! Convenience is another factor that many consider when deciding to fly private. It is less stressful to bring your pets and luggage to an FBO than to a huge airport. It is an easier and quicker process to jump on a private jet than it is to wait for hours to get on a commercial flight.

Bringing pets to and from Hawaii can feel overwhelming, but Pet Jets likes to take the stress off of our members shoulders by offering to help with additional moving projects. Through “Fetch Services” I offer help with Hawaii pet paperwork, road-tripping, and shipping things like cars. When I moved to Hawaii from Ohio in 2022, I learned through experience how to handle many parts of the moving process from preparing documents for pets entering the island to shipping large items like household goods or cars.

Are you ready to move to paradise in Hawaii? Contact us here to get started:

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