2 Year Ago – Packing Boxes For Hawaii

Two years ago we had just received our orders for Oahu! My husband was away at military training & I was ending my first year of teaching. The journey from Ohio > Oahu started with packing boxes. 

I had to pack up an entire house in Ohio, sell the house, sell the truck, put our items into storage, move in with my parents, plan a road-trip from Ohio > California, complete the FAVN paperwork for our dogs, take the road-trip…

& finally –  FLY ON A PET JET TO HAWAII! 

I felt excited, anxious, stressed, nervous, overwhelmed, etc. I’ve been in the exact shoes of our clients. I have felt the heavy weight of moving on my shoulders. There were tears, sleepless nights, and beyond busy days. But…

Honey took so much stress away from my move when she organized me joining a shared flight to Hawaii with my dogs. My greatest worry became one of the most simple parts of the move/PCS.

Now – I’m here to work with Honey to accomplish the same goal for other families. This is my passion because I have lived it myself. 

Trust us. Trust Honey’s unmatched experience in aviation. Trust my own story with moving overseas. We are here to help you. We have worked with various budgets, timeframes, locations, party sizes, & more. We think outside the box for our clients.

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