Our Pet Jets Journey – Ohio > Oahu! ⭐

I first connected with Pet Jets, Inc. when my husband received military orders for Oahu – I started out as a Pet Jets member/client myself before running the marketing side of the company.

I desperately needed guidance on how to safely get Gizmo & Stormy from Ohio > Oahu. I am forever thankful that I found Pet Jets on Facebook & Honey called me. Before I connected with Pet Jets – I felt the stress, the anxiety, and the nervousness that comes along with a 4,400 mile overseas move. I’ve been in the shoes of our clients – I know the feelings. My biggest worry was flying my dogs – but thankfully Honey took that stress off of my shoulders!

I jumped in my car & drove from Ohio to California to catch my Pet Jet to Hawaii. The journey with Pet Jets didn’t stop with my arrival in Hawaii, but instead Honey gave me the opportunity to help grow the business!

What an amazing journey so far with much more to come… ✨

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